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Earthborn Dog Food Reviews, Coupons and Recalls 2019

Temporary Overview

Earthborn Holistic pet food is produced by Midwestern Pet Meals, Inc., headquartered in Evansville, Indiana. Midwestern Pet Meals is a 4th-generation family-owned company. Earthborn makes each dog and cat foods. They promote an earth-conscious, environmentally-friendly angle on their website online. Their canine foods embrace 10 kibbles – six of which are grain free; and five moist dinners in stews and gravies.

Who Manufactures Earthborn?

Midwestern Pet Foods is the dad or mum company of Earthborn Holistic pet meals, ProPac, ProPac Ultimates,  and Sportmix. The company was based in 1926. It operates as a subsidiary of Nunn Milling Company, Inc. Earthborn’s dry meals are made on the company’s amenities in Monmouth, Illinois. Midwestern has three manufacturing crops for making dry meals in the Midwest. Their canned cat meals and dog meals are produced in a human-grade facility by USPet Vitamin, a division of Hen of the Sea.

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Earthborn Recalls 2017

Please Read First: If this assertion continues to be here we are actively watching for brand spanking new recollects. Under you will see a history of recollects. If you need to know as SOON as we find out a few recollects visit:https://dogfood.guru/recalls and fill out our Recall Alert type. We’ll ONLY e mail this record in the event of an actual recall. Once we stop expecting Recalls I will remove this assertion.

Earthborn Dog Food Recalls 2017

  1. Earthborn Holistic and Midwestern Pet Foods have by no means had a recall. Not solely do they say this on their website online, however we searched the AVMA and FDA databases. They have not had a recall or withdrawal of any of their pet meals.

Earthborn Dog Food Coupons 2017

Earthborn Critiques

Earthborn Holistic has two kibble product strains. One line is their “Natural” line. This meals does not have any corn, wheat, or soy. All components are ethoxyquin-free. Based on Midwestern Pet Meals, “We source all ingredients from US suppliers if ingredients are available, grown or produced in the US. All ingredients in Earthborn Holistic dry pet food are grown or produced in the US except for lamb meal which comes from Australia or New Zealand and flaxseed which comes from Canada.” The Pure product line makes use of meat proteins akin to hen meal and whitefish meal. Grains embrace oatmeal, barley, and rye flour. Different carb sources embrace potatoes and sweet potatoes.

The foods in the Natural product line are for adult canine with hen meal, grownup canine with whitefish meal, a puppy formulation, and a formulation for small breeds. The adult dog formulation have 22 % crude protein and 12 % crude fats. They every have 410-415 calories per cup when it comes to Metabolizable Power.

The pet formulation has 28 % crude protein and 20 % crude fat. The calcium: phosphorus ratio is 1.30 : 1.10 %. The food has 445 energy. It uses the identical proteins and grains as the opposite foods within the product line.

The meals for small breeds has 28 % crude protein and 17 % crude fat. It has 420 energy per cup.

The carbohydrate figures for these food offered by the corporate are average to high in comparison with other canine foods.

Earthborn also has a product line of natural grain free canine meals with six foods. These foods embrace a meat protein-rich food with 38 % crude protein and 20 % crude fats (their Primitive formulation); a herring-based food that’s 32/18; a bison-based food that is 34/18; a lamb-based food that is 26/15; a big breed formulation that’s 26/13; and a weight administration components that is 25 % crude protein, 7 % crude fats, and 9 % crude fiber. The calories per cup in this meals are 325.

Earthborn also makes 5 moist grain free foods in stew and gravy type.

Many individuals will like these foods based mostly on their protein and fat percentages, as well as their elements. Earthborn Holistic is just not well-known in some elements of the U.S. but they need to develop into better recognized sooner or later. Tractor Provide Company now carries the model.

Earthborn Shopper Scores:

Score: eight.9/10. From 72 votes.

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Our Earthborn Holistic® Primitive Natural Dog Food Assessment:

For this evaluate we’ve selected Earthborn Holistic® Primitive Natural™ Dog Food.  The first 5 components in the meals are:

  1. turkey meal
  2. hen meal
  3. potatoes
  4. hen fats (preserved with combined tocopherols)
  5. whitefish meal

Most canine can eat turkey and hen without any issues but if your canine has allergic reactions or meals intolerances to these components, you’ll be able to take a look at different Earthborn foods corresponding to their Coastal Catch method. It uses several kinds of fish for protein as an alternative of poultry.

Turkey is about 70 % protein. It’s an excellent supply of Riboflavin and Phosphorus, and a very good supply of Selenium. Turkey meal has already had a lot of the moisture removed so it is a concentrated form of turkey protein. Individuals debate whether hen meal or hen is best but they’re both good components. Hen meal has had a lot of the moisture and fats removed so it’s principally protein from the hen. Hen is about 80 % protein and 20 % fats. It’s a great supply of Vitamin B6 and Phosphorus, and a very good source of Niacin and Selenium and omega-6 fatty acid.

Potatoes are the third ingredient within the food. This can be a grain free pet food however it still accommodates carbs. Canine don’t want carbohydrates from a nutritional standpoint however they help a canine really feel more glad between meals. Additionally they have an effect on how briskly a canine digests the meal. Potatoes are advantageous for most canine but they’re high in carbohydrates. They are 7 % protein, 1 % fat, and 92 % carbohydrates. Many pet food corporations are using them as an alternative to grains. Some canine can have some allergy points with them. They’re additionally relatively high on the glycemic index if it’s essential to be involved about your canine’s blood sugar ranges.

We’ve observed that some pet food corporations are promoting that their foods are “potato free.” So far as we all know, there’s nothing notably incorrect or dangerous with potatoes in dog food. Not so long as they don’t seem to be a main ingredient. Until your canine is diabetic or a young Toy breed puppy where hypoglycemia could be a priority, potatoes and the glycemic index shouldn’t be a problem. Just to ensure, we consulted with a veterinarian who has been making meals for her personal canine for years. She agreed and couldn’t think of any purpose why a pet food company or dog house owners can be notably involved about potatoes in pet food. Potatoes do have a lot of carbs but so do another grain substitutes. Components work together with each other. The general vitamin of the pet food and how it affects your canine is what actually matters. Potatoes usually are not poisonous and gained’t harm your dog as long as you don’t feed your dog any potato skins with inexperienced spots on them which indicate the presence of solanine. You’ll be able to read extra concerning the nightshade household and arthritis here and right here.

The fourth ingredient on this meals is hen fats (preserved with combined tocopherols). Hen fat is excessive in omega-3 fatty acids and extremely high in omega-6 fatty acids. Canine who burn up a lot of power and some older canine who have hassle holding their weight can profit from hen fat of their weight-reduction plan. Since this is an grownup dog food, the fatty acids must be good for a canine’s pores and skin and coat, as well as his power ranges.

The fifth ingredient is whitefish meal. Whitefish is a common term for a number of totally different sorts of small white fish which might be used in canine foods. Whitefish is about 61 % protein and 39 % fats. It’s a great source of Niacin, Vitamin B6, Vitamin B12, Phosphorus and Selenium. It’s additionally a very good source of omega-3 fatty acid.

Different essential components in Earthborn Holistic Primitive Pure Dog Food embrace dried egg merchandise which improve the protein in the food. The meals additionally has tomato pomace (a fiber source), blueberry fiber, and cranberry fiber. All of these fibers assist digestion.

Apples also present fiber, in addition to nutritional vitamins and minerals. Blueberries and cranberries are good antioxidants. Carrots are another good fiber source and a supply of beta-carotene. The meals also incorporates added beta-carotene.

Methionine is an important amino acid that is typically added to pet meals if the carbs and/or plant proteins within the food are on the excessive aspect compared to the meat protein. It may well additionally make pet meals taste better.  The food has another amino acids supplements: L-Lysine, L-Carnitine, and Taurine. L-Lysine is a vital amino acid in mammals. It’s a building block of protein. It also performs a serious position in calcium absorption and the body’s production of hormones, enzymes, and antibodies. L-carnitine comes from the amino acids lysine and methionine. It helps the physique flip fat into power, amongst different issues. It’s typically added to weight control canine foods or to meals that include lots of carbohydrates. Taurine is an amino acid that’s typically added to canine meals immediately to stop a deficiency that would cause coronary heart issues and other well being issues in some canine.

We word the presence of Rosemary Extract which is a natural preservative. When you have a dog who has seizures, it is best to avoid foods with rosemary. The food also has some probiotics/fermentation products to assist with digestion.

The meals has chelated minerals which are often used in larger quality, costlier canine meals. Chelated minerals are minerals where proteins have been bonded to the minerals, making them easier in your canine to digest.

The meals incorporates 445 calories per cup. This can be a moderately rich pet food.

Vitamin Statement

Earthborn Holistic® Primitive NaturalTM is formulated to satisfy the nutritional ranges established by the Association of American Feed Management Officials (AAFCO) Dog Food Nutrient Profiles for all life levels.


Crude Protein, not less than 38.00%
Crude Fat, not lower than 20.00%
Crude Fiber, not more than 2.50%
Moisture, not more than 10.00%
Calcium, not lower than 1.50%
Phosphorus, not lower than 1.00%
Vitamin E, not less than 250 IU/kg
Ascorbic Acid (Vitamin C), not less than 100 mg/kg*
Docosahexaenoic Acid (DHA), not less than 0.05%*
Omega-6 Fatty Acids, not lower than 3.30%*
Omega-Three Fatty Acids, not lower than 0.40%*
L-Carnitine, not less than 15 mg/kg*
Beta-Carotene, not lower than 5 mg/kg*
Taurine, not less than zero.05%*

*Not recognized as an important ingredient by the AAFCO Dog Food Nutrient Profiles.

The dry matter basis figures for this food are: 42.2 % protein; 22.2 % fat; 2.8 % fiber; and 23.9 % carbohydrates.

This food is excessive in protein and has a excessive proportion of fats. The fiber content material is low for most kibbles while the carb proportion is sort of low in comparison with different business kibbles.

We expect this is among the greatest Earthborn grain free formulas. We just like the protein and fats percentages, although if larger fats content material bothers your dog, you’ll need to find a formulation with less fat. We also like the elements in the food. A lot of the different Earthborn grain free formulas rely closely on peas, pea protein, and tapioca, in addition to pea fiber. We expect this food stands out. Nevertheless, if for some cause your canine can’t eat potatoes, you in all probability gained’t like several of those foods. This food just isn’t an alternative to Orijen or EVO which have monumental quantities of meat protein. Nevertheless, it doesn’t value as a lot as these foods do both. It’s a superb grain free dog food at a more modest worth.

The place can you buy Earthborn pet food?

You should purchase Earthborn canine meals nationwide at pet stores and at Tractor Supply Firm shops. You can even buy it online from many pet meals retailers.

Last Thoughts

Earthborn Holistic dog food isn’t presently well-known among canine house owners but that ought to change sooner or later. Many of these foods have good components and good vitamin for canine. The company has been family-owned for 4 generations and they’ve never had a recall. We like a number of the foods higher than others, but we expect that many dog house owners will like Earthborn if they check it out.