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Turkey Tail Mushroom Uses For Dogs

Turkey tail isn’t only a good wanting mushroom … it’s good on your canine too!

This medicinal mushroom has most cancers researchers excited … in reality, it’s an anti-cancer drug in some nations. But there are a couple of other reasons so as to add turkey tail to your dog’s day by day meals too.

But before we speak concerning the health advantages, what exactly is turkey tail?

Turkey Tail Mushrooms

Turkey tail is a mushroom that grows on lifeless logs all around the globe. Its Latin identify is Trametes versicolor or Coriolus versicolor. Versicolor technique of many colors. And that’s as a result of turkey tail has coloured rings that look rather a lot like the tail of a turkey. In Japan, turkey tail known as kawaratake, which suggests cloud mushroom.

There are fairly a number of strains of Trametes, however turkey tail particularly is of interest to scientists and herbalists. Turkey tail has been utilized in Chinese language drugs for centuries to scale back phlegm, clear dampness, improve power and increase the immune system. In conventional Chinese drugs, it’s referred to as Yun Zhi.

Right now, researchers are all for turkey tail’s well being and immune boosting benefits. Let’s have a look …

Medicinal Advantages Of Beta-glucans

Turkey tail mushrooms have two principal medicinal elements: Polysaccharide-Okay (PSK) and polysaccharide-P (PSP). They type part of the mushroom’s cell wall they usually give the cell its construction.

Both PSK and PSP are referred to as beta-D-glucans. These beta-glucans can bind directly to receptors in immune cells … and set off immune modifications that can improve the activity of some immune cells, or restore a wholesome immune response.

The important thing activities on the immune system embrace:

  • Up-regulate immune perform when the immune system is harassed by persistent sickness, stress or cancer
  • Restore immune perform in canine with an auto-immune illness
  • Down-regulate the inflammatory immune response in over-active immune methods

That is what makes turkey tail and different beta-glucan-rich mushrooms so highly effective … they will immediately work together with the immune cells in your canine.

Beta-D-glucans can bind to and activate macrophages, that are the immune cells answerable for destroying micro organism, viruses, and invaders like cancer cells. Beta-glucans also can stimulate different immune cells, together with natural killer (NK) cells and T-leukocytes, that are an necessary part of the adaptive immune system.

General, beta-glucans have been shown to:

  • Activate immune cells
  • Improve antibody manufacturing
  • Scale back pro-inflammatory cytokines
  • Enhance the immune response to multiple cancers
  • Inhibit the unfold of cancer cells (metastasis)

Let’s take a look at how turkey tail may also help the immune system battle most cancers …

Turkey Tail And Most cancers

The trouble with cancer research is that it’s onerous to seek out randomized controlled research on supplements like turkey tail mushrooms. Usually, most cancers patients bear chemotherapy, radiation or other drug-based remedies at the similar time. So it’s troublesome to accurately analyze how efficient a natural remedy is.

But in the case of turkey tail, there’s a very strong randomized managed research … and it was executed on canine.

A 2012 research revealed in Evidence-Based mostly Complementary Drugs appeared at the effectiveness of turkey tail mushrooms in treating canine with hemangiosarcoma. Hemangiosarcoma is a vascular most cancers with a excessive price of metastasis (spreading to different elements of the physique). It’s an aggressive cancer that’s primarily discovered within the spleen.

Even when the spleen is eliminated, the prognosis continues to be poor in canine with hemangiosarcoma. The median survival fee is from 19 to 86 days with less than 10% of canine surviving past 12 months.

In this research, they gave PSP from turkey tail mushrooms to canine from a educating veterinary hospital. All the canine have been recognized with hemangiosarcoma. The canine underwent a double-blind research with no concurrent remedies.

When the results have been analyzed, the researchers found the canine given the PSP had a much longer time till metastasis. And survival time increased with the dimensions of the dose.

  • Survival time with no remedy: 86 days
  • Survival time with 50mg-kg/day turkey tail: 117 days
  • Survival time with 100mg-kg/day turkey tail: 199 days

In reality, PSP has been accepted as an anti-cancer drug in Japan and China. And PSK is the primary element of an anti-cancer drug authorised in Japan referred to as Krestin.

Turkey tail mushrooms also carry another essential compound referred to as ergosterol.

That is found in all mushrooms and it acts like cholesterol in people. But ergosterol also carries essential anti-tumor and antioxidant properties.

A 2012 research in Hong Kong discovered turkey tail was linked to raised survival occasions for patients with breast, gastric and colorectal cancers.

And in 2011, a seven-year NIH breast cancer medical research was completed. The results showed that ladies with breast cancer had decreased tumor measurement and improved immune response when given turkey tail … with none hostile effects.

Because the FDA authorised human trials for turkey tail as an anti-cancer agent in 2012, research into its immune-boosting advantages have shown a variety of promise.

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Turkey Tail And Chemotherapy

An in-vitro research compared the beta-glucans from turkey tail to the chemotherapy drug Cyclophosphamide. They found that the anti-tumor actions of the turkey tail have been shut but not fairly nearly as good because the chemotherapy. However the turkey tail is far safer and doesn’t carry the same nasty uncomfortable side effects as chemotherapy.

Talking of nasty negative effects, chemotherapy destroys immune perform and immune cells similar to leukocytes.

But the beta-glucans in turkey tail elevated the perform of immune cells. Because the progress of cancer is intently associated to the health of the immune system, it’s crucial to enhance the immune standing of cancer patients.

So turkey tail mushrooms may also be an essential addition for canine undergoing chemotherapy remedies.

Different Turkey Tail Benefits

Turkey tail mushrooms carry other health advantages …

Immune Benefits

Because they regulate the immune system, beta-glucans help shield canine from fungi, micro organism, viruses … and parasites. The immune system and IgE antibodies are nicely outfitted to cope with worms and inner parasites … and beta-glucans help enhance that response.

Turkey tail mushrooms may additionally help shield towards kennel cough, canine flu and different infectious illnesses.

Fights Yeast

Turkey tail mushroom can also be getting used to treat yeast infections.

Turkey tail mushroom health benefits infographic

Digestive And Urinary Well being

Turkey tail mushrooms also can regulate the immune cells that control irritation.

Turkey tail particularly, works particularly arduous to scale back irritation within the digestive, urinary and respiratory tract.

While we’re speaking about digestive health, turkey tail can also be a wholesome prebiotic.

Prebiotics help with the growth of useful bacteria within the digestive tract. These useful micro organism scale back digestive inflammation, produce necessary nutritional vitamins and fatty acids, and type one other necessary a part of your canine’s immune system.

Turkey tail mushrooms can also assist shield the liver.


Finally, turkey tail mushrooms additionally include health-boosting phytochemicals together with the antioxidant phenolic compounds gallic acid, protocatechuic acid and catechin.

Plant-based Beta-glucans

Beta-glucans aren’t just present in mushrooms. They’re also found within the cell partitions of cereals and grains … but the structure of plant-based beta-glucans is totally different and fewer complicated than those found in mushrooms.

The complicated triple helix structure of the mushroom beta-glucans is what provides turkey tail and different medicinal mushrooms their immune-boosting properties, while cereals have little or no of it.

cell structure of turkey tail mushrooms

When you’re buying turkey tail mushrooms in your canine, ensure your mushroom has a certificate of study with a beta-glucan content material of at the very least 30%. Particularly if your dog has cancer.

And make sure the mushroom product doesn’t have a high starch content material so you recognize the beta-glucans are derived from mushrooms, not cereals and grains.

Shopping for Turkey Tail Mushrooms

There are a number of forms of mushroom dietary supplements you should purchase on your dog:

Fruiting Body

This implies the complete mushroom, often dried and powdered. Uncooked, floor mushrooms can irritate the liver and canine should never eat raw mushrooms.


Mycelium is the “root” of the mushroom and not the whole fruiting physique. It’s sometimes grown in grains and may also be referred to as “full spectrum” mushrooms.

Nevertheless it’s necessary to note that mycelium is often lower in beta-D-glucans … and any beta-glucans found in the product may be plant-derived and never from the actual mushroom.

On average, mycelium grown on grain accommodates about 5 to 7% beta-glucans.

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Scorching Water Extract

Most turkey tail research are achieved with a scorching water extract. In truth, that is how mushrooms have all the time been ready in conventional Chinese language drugs.

The cell wall of the mushroom is indigestible to canine (and humans), so extracting the mushrooms in scorching water makes the medicinal components more out there … and safer to eat.

On average, scorching water extracted mushrooms include 30% to 40% beta-glucans.

Giving Your Canine Turkey Tail Mushrooms

You need to ideally give mushrooms between meals … but should you’re giving real mushrooms, they will have a bitter style, so that you may need to combine them with some kefir or bone broth.

In case your canine doesn’t love the style, you possibly can add them to his meals and he’ll nonetheless get the benefits, so don’t fear.

Turkey tail mushrooms are a multi-faceted food that may be a terrific addition to your dog’s every day dietary supplements!


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